Sailboat News

Refer to the FAQ, Location, Events pages, the ODOM site or Facebook group for current happenings.

The American Model Yachting Association, of which EMYC is a member, sanctions our racing events.

The location for the 2017 Nationals was changed to Smith Lake Pond in Bloomington, MN. Park Avenue South and East 82nd Street. All ODOM Nat's info is here.


If the pond in Edina Minnesota USA is frozen solid, we take this time to build new and improved boats. Otherwise we are at the pond!

Notice for ODOM event help

Hi Guys...I got a phone call from Jess, the secretary for the ODOM class and he is committed to coming to our event next month.
In order to make this more than just a so so event, we need volunteers to make this event strong.

We can make this a great event if people will commit to help. My wife Debbie is the first to volunteer for getting coffee and rolls in the morning on Saturday and Sunday as well as fetching the Lunches and water.

We also need:
1.a scribe...who is dedicated to writing down everything the Principle Race Officer calls out, namely the sail numbers as they cross the finish line.
2.observers near the windward mark to be sure people actually round the marks and to call out those who don't.
3.registration: getting all documents together, AMYA numbers, collecting the entry fees, must be done before the race begins... committee...activities for Friday and Saturday night, local places to eat, maybe a real lake side home to invade and party at... ?
5.trophies...Tony has this covered
6.Weigh-in before the races start...needs to be recorded scales are needed.
7.Chase boat operators in case of snagged boats, or need to move buoys. We will have a kayak or canoe for this purpose but need two people willing to row and fetch boats or move buoys.
8. Score keeper...someone with a lap top that can record the results to a spread sheet during the races.

I am praying that 8-10 people will commit to this...(a "maybe" won't cut it). Please let me know by August 22nd. I am counting on you.

Let's make this a great event, mark your Calendar!
Kevin (8/9/2017)